What is Art?

What is Art?

There are many definitions of Art. It can be said that Art is a form of expression, of feeling, a form of communication. Because, through it, man transmits in an authentic, harmonious, and beautiful way. His perception or feelings about the world around him. It is an activity inherent to the human being that has accompanied him in all times and cultures leaving its mark on society. We are surrounded by Art.

There are various ways through which the human expresses his artistic capacity. Some of them include:

Painting: It can be defined as the graphic expression using color pigments which can be applied on a variety of surfaces for example, paper, stone, and many more. The artist will be able to capture his ideas using creativity and various techniques.


Drawing: It is the technique by which a linear representation of an object or idea is made using various supports and media. It is a way to express thoughts and capture them as an image on paper or other media. Drawing stays with us from an early age when we want to represent what we see around us. Subsequently, the artist’s own style is acquired and perfected.

Sculpture: It is the art of representing an object three-dimensionally using material such as clay, wood, stone, bronze, and other metals, to which a specific and appropriate technique or method is applied until achieving the shape desired. This beautiful art has been around us since ancient times. Today we can see sculptures that have remained almost unchanged despite the centuries. Through this art, real figures can be represented respecting their proportions to scale or also abstract figures.

Poetry: It is a literary genre, it is an art that is expressed through the written word, language, or the literary composition; by means of it the poet or author transmits feelings to the reader in an extraordinary way thanks to the talent that he has with his diverse ideas expressed in a beautiful way.

Music: It is the way to produce sounds harmoniously, with rhythm and melody using the voice or various musical instruments. This beautiful art has also existed since ancient times and has adapted in many diverse forms of expression according to culture. Music is also associated with other arts such as Dance and Poetry.


Dance: It is the art expressed through the body generally accompanied by music through which feelings and emotions are expressed. Dance also brings physical benefits to humans.

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